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Operation Sandy Hook – Analysis

Thank you to HumansWin for the above video. BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER, PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE VERY BEST INVESTIGATIVE LOOK AT THIS PSY-OP. Manual on how to talk to children from Sandy Hook massacre 4 DAYS BEFORE SHOOTING If there were indeed any actual sacrificed...


One of the premiere demon-strators of Truth in our current era, a huge Thank You to Living In The Abstract Finding the devil in the details and showing everyone, "THIS IS REALITY".

Colorado Shooter Was Mind Control Message To His Father

Thank you Dutchsinse Please visit Dutchsinse right away. His channel contains crucial information and proof of HAARP weather control and genocide.      

Luna Sygnal To Delta November Alfa

Thank you TheyLive2012 Thank you Poch


clickable link here

Illumshinary Farsters Trikling Drowzerz

About the cover photo...weird Please email us and tell us what you think about this topic? bonnieandjohn[at]awakenvideo[dot]org There are no cover photos for the videos below for your loading convenience. Part 1  17 Day Reptilian Diet Plan [video width="1280"...

Freeman on Masonic Black Magicians

Symbols used in advertising are just one sign of masonic magic that goes back to Egypt. Think about how masonic advertising and media influences the mundane world; it dictates what products people buy and use, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the way they...

Reptilians Exposed From Vintage Footage.

Older era of reptilian shape-shifters. Older technology, and what do ya know! A different look to them compared to the modern version of the reptilian shape-shifter. I feel that this is due to, in part, different technology being used in conjunction with less need for...

Steve-O-Demonic Shifting *STUNNING*

Thanks to FrequencyFence Original video below

Reptilian Rampage Video Collection, Part 1

Mash up of reptilians.  Some you recognize, some you don't. None of them do you know.

Face Book Reptilians

Since when do a couple young amateurs wear ear sets on CNN? I've seen plenty of interviews with amateurs off the street and very rarely do they get an ear piece. Just an added observation to this great find.

The Repi Vid You Gotta See

Thank you dinosauro67 This is a well made and insightful look at repi world. I hope you find it...enlightening.

Holy Crap Is Right

This used to sound like sci-fi to me too. It's not. It's very truly real and what is more, all religious text tells mankind of these deceivers...these serpents. Open your own eyes and see. You know your very round human eyes? The ones that have round pupils in EVERY...

Rudy…You Look Like A Nut !!! +plus many more

Famous reptiles on parade. All of these deceivers had their faces on the 911 show too. Really....I mean REALLY... remember what these liars told you. Do you want to go with them? Wake up quickly for time is running out.

Pelosi Reptolsi

Her blood goes back to the Mayflower, just a coincidence she happens to be in politics today.

Glass Eating Serpent w Bonus Shape Shifting Teeth Video

Al Gore Serpent Deceiver

The fact that this individual travels the globe pushing a global warming hoax whilst having one of the largest utility bills in the state of Tennessee, says enough about this liar and con-artist. This video however, gives one a deeper understanding how far gone this...