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Journey with the Star People Book
Journey with the Star People Kindle Book

Journey with the Star People details the personal experiences and lessons of life-long contactee Bonnie Jean Mitchell. Along the way, you will learn about: going Out-of-Body and the transitional phase of conscious awareness leaving the physical body, examinations aboard etheric UFOs,interacting with various types of star people, meeting hybrid children/star seeds, going through many levels of psychic and empathic testing, the shift of consciousness and the awakening of humanity, defense against psychic attack, facing fear, gaining confidence and control over the dream state and the alternate reality, manipulating energy on the etheric and physical planes, and the manifestation of our world.

The Shift A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness Book
The Shift A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness Kindle Book

The Shift; A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness is Bonnie Jean Mitchell’s second book, focused on the coming frequency shift, offering discernment between the false, satanic narrative and the true, natural awakening and spiritual ascension of mankind. It is time to let go of the old matrix system we were indoctrinated into. The controllers no longer hold power over us. Focus your attention now on manifesting what you truly want in your life. We are leaving behind lower vibrational frequencies and tuning into a new channel of love and light! We are creating this new world together.

You will learn about: multi-dimensional teachers called star people (sometimes referred to as ETs or aliens), raising vibrational frequency, opening the third eye, seeing the truth behind the false matrix system, filling your heart with love and standing your ground, a closer look into military abduction and related U.S. patents, facing fear and fighting the controllers including military psychics, reptilians, demons, and dark magicians posing as religious and political figureheads, the power of human consciousness and our true eternal spiritual nature that we all need to connect with NOW!

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