This is the Faraday Cage we built around our bed to block out dangerous Radio Frequencies such as Wi-Fi and Cell Phone signals. We sleep peacefully inside a Radio Frequency-Free zone for 8 hours a night.

Bonnie & John Mitchell at the Free Your Mind Conference II in Philadelphia 2013. Mark Passio, Fritz Springmeier, Jim Fetzer, Sonia Barrett, Laura Eisenhower, Freeman Fly, Cathy O'Brien, Jay Parker, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Frater X, Lenon Honor, Marty Leeds, Eve Lorgen, and more great speakers!

John & Bonnie with Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men during the activation of Serpent Mound 2011. Mayan elders and some of the 13 crystal skulls traveled across the United States to re-awaken sacred natural areas, as decreed in their ancient prophecies.

We are homesteaders! At our home in Indiana, we have turned our property into a mini-farm. We have chickens, bees, and five gardens: two for vegetables, one for herbs and flowers, one for other vegetables and fruits, and one in the Bee Area for melons and flowers for the bees. We believe it is very important to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Uruguay is a beautiful country in the southern part of South America. The land is lush with flowers and the people are very friendly. Life here is slow-paced and what the locals call "tranquilo."

La Fiesta de Los Abrazos (The Festival of Hugs) is an annual festival to honor the Uruguayan cowboys, called Gauchos. Cowboys travel from all over the country to meet at this festival. At the end of the festival, all the Gauchos get on their horses for a parade!

Yes, unfortunately, the chemtrails are here too. They are not as frequent as in the United States, but they seem to be more and more often. Here are some shots we have captured over the past couple years of being here in Uruguay.