Baby-lonian Videoed – Wrath Of God To Follow…Again

Written by Bonnie & John

September 28, 2021

These truths come forward into the light and in doing so these truths awaken that which sleeps inside YOU.

It is YOUR third eye which must open in time for no more time (tie – me). It is YOU who saves YOU, or not.

To stay asleep and complacent or to awaken is and has always been YOUR decision to make.

But anyone can see that now there is little time left and the time of no time is upon YOU.

What is YOUR plan?

The Wrath of my Father is coming to destroy those who would destroy this creation. Soon, they will all be secured in their D.U.M.B.s watching the surface drama unfold. And then, the lights will go out in their Under World and each dumb will become its TRUE PURPOSE. Each cut off from the next, they will become the play ground for the Serpent and the feeding stations of Legion. Elite hueman, Zionist, Jesuit, Masonic scum … we have watched you fatten yourselves up good and plump and lock yourselves away beneath the Second Gate. You are more obedient and stupid than the surface dwellers could ever be made to be. And Death shall never find you. And you will pay each, Three Fold the horrors you have dealt. So mote it be by the will of The Creator.

777~ None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world ~777

Video a continuación en español

El Cov-Flu se puede curar con medicamentos simples y naturales porque no es la pandemia / epidemia.

Como ves, es la alteración del ADN, la inyección de ARNm lo que te convierte en … algo que no es humano. No de Dios. Y ahora todos miramos juntos para ver qué pasa con los muertos / vacunados.

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