Evil LGBTQ Propaganda Torn Down Righteously

Written by Bonnie & John

September 24, 2021

Only an evil and twisted mind would consider what is torn down in this video to be suitable for public display, let alone where children can see it. These are mentally deranged people behind all of this twisted sexualization of children.
Personally, I am proud of this woman and her friends for standing up against this sick shit and for standing together as friends.
Whatever a grown man or woman want to do together with other adults, that does not harm anyone else, is between them and our Creator. But when you start shoving your perversions onto others THAT is exactly the moment anyone has the right to take a stand against you. No matter who you are, you should have EQUAL rights…NOT special rights. And you sure as Hell NEVER have the right to push your twisted ways onto children. The fact that these disgusting images were put there in clear view of any innocent child by someone or some group of LGBTQ individuals, speaks volumes about their lack of morals and their mental imbalances.

There are NOT 58 genders. There are two Creator created genders of mankind…man and woman…period. The problems we face with male spirits born into female or feminized bodies and female spirits born into male bodies IS NOT A NATURAL OCCURRENCE. See the work of Curtis Duncan on the Feminization of the male human. Chemicals intentionally distributed into food, water, medicines and plastics have CAUSED this UNNATURAL event to happen. Yes, we have….must have, compassion for everyone. But NO we do not embrace the unnatural as natural. We find the cause of the dis-ease and we remove the problem causing the dysfunction within the hue-man genome. In this case, reversing the use of these chemicals ‘would have’ been able to turn this feminization around within one generation. Of course, that is not going to happen. These are The End Days. Choose your path wisely.

If my words here anger you, I ask one question. Do you think children should be subjected to viewing sexually explicit material? If your answer is “yes” then I suggest you find a good psychiatric practitioner and ask for help.

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