Pivoting Into Abyss

Written by Bonnie & John

May 27, 2024

CERN opens the door. A.I. breaches the connection between the ethereal demonic realm and The Creators earth. The embodiment of A.I. into robotics is nothing less than giving the demonic realm eyes to see, ears to hear, sensors to smell and touch and soon…the means to destroy. It is a fools task that so many “brilliant minds” have undertaken with no true thought of the Pandora’s Box of horrors they have unleashed. Brilliant minds or Godless fools? You decide.
One more thing. Nothing new under the sun. “A.I.” beyond what we’ve seen so far, has ALWAYS existed as has the quantum continuum. And in this Fourth World, Quantum “A.I.” (Q.I.) androids have been walking among you since the late 1950’s. Today, they are nearly undetectable and yet the false masonic/satanic narrative continues to sway your mind into a reality that is NOT REAL.

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Burning Water HHO

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