Steve-O-Demonic Shifting *STUNNING*

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  1. I had a brief exchange in May 2020 about Frequency Fence with a YouTube commenter known as Dean O (and with whom I lost touch after the video was deleted). J & B, do you know anything else about Frequency Fence, whether she is still active or whatever might have happened to her?

    Use your own discernment, do your own research, and make up your own mind. Like I mentioned before I believe that these inhuman monster entities are not intergalactic space aliens… I believe that they are inter-dimensional demonic beings that exist just outside of the narrow bandwidth of human perception. Humans cannot see the shifting with our naked eyes The camera see’s the shifting anomalies because the camera is capturing footage at 30 frames per second or more. The video masking program they use to cover up the morphing does make mistakes. God’s word in the Bible makes so much more sense to me than any other explanation. But not to most people. Most people believe that these so called Draco Reptilians are just one of many many different humanoid alien species like in Star Wars or Star Trac. But I have learned that Hollywood is the major weapon used by the enemy to brainwash humanity. So if Hollywood pushes one thing I’m always pretty sure the opposite is the truth. I know in my heart that Hollywood and the MSM is the voice of a very real Satan. I believe that this passage in the Bible says a lot in reference to these so called Reptilians and the enemy of humanity that seeks to keep humanity perpetually enslaved to their Satanic agenda. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. Ephesians ch.6 v.12. I’m very happy to have had the chance to help you out. It was nice to have had the pleasure to cross your online path. Take care. sincerely, Dean O. :-I

    “The real Frequency Fence was a female. The Asian man who calls himself Christian Kunimi/Jesus took over the channel some four years after she disappeared and was never heard from again. The original Frequency Fence is the person who produced the very thorough video’s that professionally expose the Reptilian phenomenon many people believe in today. She was able to figure out how to configure the VLC Media Player in a way that would uncover a lot of what is hidden by the masking program during a shifting anomaly caught on video. She said the key to her success was also having access to the original internet upload of the video she was breaking down. When Kunimi took over her channel he deleted all of her work and then uploaded his own. Many people are unaware that Christian Kunimi is not the original Frequency Fence channel owner. His approach has indeed turned a lot of people off to the controversy. One can only deduct that he did this as part of an agenda that is designed to discredit the information as a whole. I thought that the bubal channel you just sent me was scrubbed. But thankfully it’s still around and most of those video’s are indeed from the original Frequency Fence channel. So the bottom line is that Christian Kunimi is definitely not the original Frequency Fence. I’m glad that I was wrong about all her video’s being deleted on YouTube and the rest of the internet. Many people believe Christian Kunimi is an MK Ultra mind control subject. It has been alleged that Christian Kunimi is a part of a deep state psychological warfare operation that is seeking to discredit any solid information pertaining to the existence of these inter-dimensional demonic entities who are pretending to be intergalactic creatures from outer space. The deep state would rather that those people who do believe in the Reptilians believe that they are space aliens who traveled here from distant galaxies in nut’s and bolts spaceships. C!A Project Bluebook plans to stage a false alien invasion as another possible way to control humanity through fear and intimidation by using holographic technology to deceive people into believing that the Earth is being invaded by ET’s. My research points directly to the biblical explanation that teaches us that these Reptilians are demonic spiritual entities who are the disembodied souls of the Kenite Nephilim that died in the great flood. Because the Nephilim are not a creation of God their souls cannot go to the dimension where God resides. Their god is Lucifer and they seek to destroy God Almighty’s creation and take the Earth as their own with Satan being worshiped by what little is left of humanity as if he were the real Jesus Christ. The Kenite Nephilim were born when The Fallen Angel Lucifer appeared before Eve as a Serpent and seduced her into having sexual intercourse with him in an effort to pollute the human bloodline so the Messiah Jesus Christ could not be born onto the Earth. Cain was the offspring of Lucifer and his HALF twin brother Abel was the son of Adam. The Kenite Nephilim are the “Giants of old, the men of renown.” Many were documented in what westerners refer to as Greek Mythology. But the Greek people refer to it as Greek History. Feel free to keep in touch friend. Take care. sincerely, Dean O. :-I

    Well really quickly I can tell you that If I’m not mistaken all these FF vid’s on the bubul channel are from the original FF channel. The vid’s where you see the close up on the faces highlighting the eyes and teeth ect… Those are some of her first vid’s. Then the vid’s like steve-o, hillary, Steven Greer, ect were vid’s she posted later on after she started to perfect her approach. I think a good thing to remember is that she used a green text in her breakdowns while I remember Kunimi used white text early on after he hacked into her account. Kunimi went in a completely different direction and even narrated many of his vid’s. But again… I’m pretty sure the bubul channel has posted exclusively the real FF vid’s. I’m happy I have been able to help you… Feel free to contact me any time. Take care. sincerely, Dean O. :-I

    The sad part about Frequency Fence is she disappeared for about 4 years. When her channel became active again all of the sudden the “owner” was a man who was telling everyone that he was Jesus Christ. He totally discredited her channel. He deleted all of her really fantastic work and then started uploading his own work that falls far short of the original Frequency Fence content. So if you run across a Frequency Fence re-upload here on YouTube it’s most likely not from the original channel. From what I understand the original Frequency Fence video’s have been scrubbed from the internet entirely. Kinninigan might still be functioning here on this platform. I don’t always agree with everything he says. But he’s a good guy all things considered. Joey Averidge was kinda alright. He was a bit abrasive and arrogant for my taste. His video’s are alright though… But nobody left standing here on YouTube has the technical know how and the editing skills to match the old Frequency Fence video’s. She also knew how to configure the VLC media player in a way that would really show the shifting clearly… The videos she produced on Steve-O and Dr. Steven Greer were great. Hands down those guys are serpents. The real Frequency Fence would upload 15 minute video’s and you would stop to read the text and look at the shifting up close. It would take me sometimes an hour or more to completely get through one fifteen minute Frequency Fence video. I just found this site that might still have some of the old FF video’s… I guess her vid’s aren’t completely scrubbed from the internet… But my browser says the site isn’t secure so I guess you should make sure your security and malware/spyware software is strong and up to date. Take care. sincerely, Dean O. :-I”

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