Human Prototypes – Jon Levi

Written by Bonnie & John

May 24, 2021

Is the Gossamer race revealed here?

Here are a couple more embedded videos from Jon’s Odysee Channel. Keep delving into these sorts of ideas and expand your horizons and break free from the doldrums of a false narrative of utter powerlessness. That is not you. YOU are a divine Being made in the image of The Creator(s). Nothing you’ve been spoon fed to BE-LIE-ve in is true. And everything you’ve been spoon fed has its basis in making you think you are tiny, insignificant and powerless. ALL not true. I am pretty sure Jon Levi would agree.
This post is here because it is an important piece of the puzzle. In Jon’s hands, and now yours, sits the evidence of Noah’s flood (much much more recently than most would hazard a guess), the existence of a multitude of intelligent life over much time and most importantly the physical proof of what Jon calls “resets.” While I do not disagree with that term at all, I call it The Shift. I call it this because the information concerning The Shift reveals and syncs with Jon’s reset photography perfectly. In the videos below, you will find photographic evidence that entire populations of higher consciousness completely and utterly disappeared and then these hand-me-down towns and cities were made populated again. I would say the re-population is an aspect of the **lucitan mason’s “job” they are tasked by The Fallen to perform.
Okay, on this topic, I could type until there is a book here, lol! I hope you find Jon Levi, as Bonnie and I do, to be an honest, intelligent, gentle man with all the love and care he needs to make this Shift with us, very soon. If Jon himself should read this…from my heart, a most sincere Thank You for everything you have done and will do, to truly help your Brothers and Sisters. Be well Jon Levi and to you, the reader, Be well and Many Blessings of Love to you all upon The Right Hand Path.

**lucitan – lucifer persona for right hemisphere mind control + satan persona for left hemisphere mind control. Both lucifer and satan are real and the same “physical” creature which dwells in the furthest depths of Sheol. lucitan, therefore, is what I choose to call this creature of The Fallen and god of this Middle Earth.



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