Chicken Feed Contaminated – Controlled Famine

Written by Bonnie & John

January 28, 2023

For The Right Path: As you read this, remember and always remember, The Door will open at precisely the right time. But you must use your free will to make correct decisions for yourself and your loved ones until that moment arrives. You are protected and known completely. You are loved more than you can know right now.

Genocide of huemanity does not begin nor end with the DNA reconfiguring, dark witch’s brew known as mRNA vaccine. No, you must all think ahead and way way outside of the box. Put yourself in the position of the most wicked scum and ask yourself, based on what you can see so far, “what would these assholes do to kill us all?” And then you can BEGIN to see from their perspective. Famine is a BIG part of genocide. All those food processing plants going up in smoke…none of it by accident.

Obviously, if you live in Mystery Babylon (the former USA), the advice of Jesus Christ was very direct and correct, of course. “GET OUT OF HER.” However, if this is seemingly impossible for you personally, then prep now if you have not already. The utter end of world is coming. If you live in any major city, you must leave. There will be almost no surviving in the cities. As I have recently stated in a 7 series video. The police of the world are about to be…dismantled permanently. After that, it will be a dance of absolute chaos in the city streets and a matter of self protection by firearms in the rural areas. You stand the best chance (of lasting the longest) to team up with like minded neighbors and friends and stand together, physically near each other and armed to the teeth. Know your enemy. Politicians, Lawyers, Police and medical “scientists”/physicians and nurses MADE this all happen. Without any one of those elements the LITERAL GENOCIDE OF MANKIND would not have been possible. Whatever happens in the Middle Earth plane to those within those groups is only a part of what they have coming to them.


This purposeful genetic contamination of chicken feed is but one TINY facet in an elaborate and fully think tanked plan that has been unfolding for more the 500 of your years. 5783 is the year of this 4th world. Even your understanding of time (ti-me) is a lie forced upon mankind by a lizard called pope Gregory XIII in 1572 (actually 572). Dragon blessing.


Know Your Enemy – 66 The Fallen Among You


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