Magflux Time Distortion Evidence

Written by Bonnie & John

June 5, 2022

  Possibly, seemingly insignificant. This, however, is exactly the evidence we are searching for. In this evidence, we have an opportunity to discern the honesty of the author of the video whom is also the experiencer. There are a growing number of examples of these glitches but rarely do we get any insight into who videoed the event. Examples such as airplanes “frozen” in mid-air or birds having the same “stuck” in mid-air experience. These rarely, if ever, give us a clue as to where or when the event is occurring, let alone who may have videoed the event. Personally, I think many or most of the bird and plane stuck-in-air videos are real. However, this lemon glitching video is in its own league, so far. We have a clearly honest young lady excitedly explaining her experience. We can discern that she is being honest and that this strange glitch really did happen to her. The video is a good solid piece of evidence of the puzzle of this reality. I feel that these objects and sometimes even animals  or men or women are experiencing an affect of the shifting magnetic field, due to the imminent 180° magnetic shift we are about to experience. All biological life forms, such as a fresh lemon are able to be affected by magnetic flux in very mysterious ways. What we are seeing now, are tiny pockets of affected areas which will soon open up across the entire plane of this 4th world.
  Importantly CERN, like all luciferic abominations, will piggyback this normal cyclical occurrence to accomplish its literal and figurative polar opposite. CERN means to open the door between The Underworld/Sheol/Hell and the surface world. They will find their mark upon the moment of The Shift. The Creator designed shift in consciousness of all life is within sight. Those inside the confines of Middle Earth Plane who posses and emulate The Christ Spirit (frequency) will Ascend into The Kingdom (which is near). An uncountable number.



Time Ti-me
Time to untie me
Time of no time is arriving
Time of Right Path is surviving
Ti-me no more as we pass through The Door
Ti-me no more as we all…
stop our dying.

A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: The Elect

¡¡¡He who rides the bright white horse is coming quickly!!!
777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777

Here is a great example. The sort in this video are just like the crisis actors, the karens, and all those Lefty freaks. Same exact type of liar, instigator and most importantly…a Hell-bound fool. Merika is collapsing and idiots like the guy in this video are a major part of the “why for.” Racism is NOT a color issue. It is an I.Q. issue. ALL of the low I.Q. morons from EVERY race have all gaggled together/to-get-her [against Female Goddess Energy] upon The Left Hand Path. As the towers are amped up, this group will attempt to destroy each other. Never will they realize they have the same enemy dividing them all.

Simple minded liar plays racist card although caught on camera throwing package.


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