ACT NOW – Demonic or Divine?

Written by Bonnie & John

February 3, 2022

Demonic or Divine – Which one are you? It is urgent that you choose your path now. There is no middle ground; you cannot be good and bad at the same time. Your vibrational frequency will take you where you need to be when the Shift happens. Let everything from your past go. Let all your programmed ideas of who you are go. Let go of the chaotic world outside yourself. Focus instead on your true self; the inner self that is an eternal, spiritual being that lives forever. The higher vibrations of spirit are divine and they are protected. Be your true self!

The splitting off is happening. You must do your inner work now. There will be no more time when the Shift is upon us. Now is the time to get straight and make up your mind in which direction you are going. Choose your vibrational frequency now.

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