Darque Phorse Rit(truth)-u(you)-al(all) Majjec

This was a satanic ritual as surely many of you are now ready to see. These children should be able to read and quote Shakespeare fluently. Look at how old these children were and reading at Dick and Jane level !?! My, how we have been dumbed down haven’t we? See how these Divine Beings are made to bow during this ritual by being told to retrieve and then put away their books under their seats. A school is an institution…just like an insane asylum is an institution. That fact should be cause for enough concern to pause and think, at least. Can you see now how this repetitive droning while thumping on the book is hypnotic mind control? Below I have posted information related to the goat and the luciferian masons (31st – 33rd degree with knowledge of this FACT) to give you more bearing on this issue. This entire “reality” works as a clock work here in 3D. The clock work when known can be used for Good or Evil. All is magic here, ALL. You have only forgotten for a time. Soon there will be no time and you will remember again. We Love you, keep searching and have fun 🙂

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