ZION Olympics: Positive Analysis

Written by Bonnie & John

July 26, 2012

All researches of the occulted information and the esoteric ways, were in agreement that the “illuminati”, for lack of a better conceivable term, showed their hand completely. The Olympics (maybe rightfully so?) seems to have been a key point or possible marker of the time wave separation of Light from Darkness. Most people who comprehend the symbolism purposefully shown throughout the entire Olympic preamble through closing ceremony realize the scene was primed for a false flag / sacrifice. The fact that the “illuminati” did in fact show their hand and did not succeed in their darque ritual “here” “in this place”, I think, deserves to be considered. Of course for most all of this talk of occult symbolism and blaque magek is pure nonsense. Of course “most” are happy to remain clueless as to what and where they are. Happy to pay to live on the planet they were born on…lol…sorry, that is so weird to we 🙂 Did we prevent an attack by revealing the darque agenda as presented by the enemy? Or is this our first tangible sign that those of us who did not experience a negative false flag Olympics “here” “in this place” are on a positive time line (the straight red path)? Either way or both ways Bonnie and I (John) are both very happy that all went well 🙂 We are trying to learn our way through this alien world, one majjikk step at a Time. Love Light and Respect…we feel things are turning quite positive from here on as we all empower ourselves with our true nature. Be what you really are…BE FREE !!! Please check out the Library here for sovereign information.

Thank you UndercoverAlien

Below is all data and commentary prior to the closing ceremony as it was posted.

There are many signs now. Signs which the sleepers CAN NOT SEE. But you, can you see? The goal of those who embrace the serpent is to create as much chaos and utter fear as they possibly can right before and during the shift. So I ask you to please make yourself aware of these signs and make the correct choices for yourself. Make these correct choices from knowledge of your enemy and not from fear. Remember, there is nothing more full of fear than the dark ones which call themselves illuminated. They have used all that creator gave to them to trap their own souls for eternity. None are more deceived than the deceivers. Those who embrace the serpent have but a very short time.

YOU are love. YOU are light. YOU will make it through this.
YOU will be amongst an uncountable number !

He who rides the bright white horse is coming quickly !

X is the 24th letter of the alphabet (alpha-beta). 2+4=6 / XXX = 666
This is why you can view (xxx) all over mass media…i.e. “American Idol” (globally all “Idol” programming). This (xxx) thing may seem like a stretch. All I can tell the disbelievers is, check it out. Pay attention to your environment and if you are watching TV (we hope not) it should take you all of 10 minutes to spot a (xxx) being flashed before your alpha-state eyes. Also “fox” = 666 by the same gematria technique. I also thought the “fox” idea was a big stretch. Here is my own story on that subject. I personally witnessed a husband and his wife’s cars parked outside a government building. Both cars had FP (F.O.P.) plates on the back. One plate was 6660 the other was 6661. His and hers satanic vanity plates wow. The husbands car also was adorned with a big FOX logo (logos) on the rear window. I had only encountered the notion of fox equaling 666 a couple days prior to this. This kind of physical in-your-face answers from spirit are something I live by and trust. So, at least to these folks who like to drive around displaying there warped signals to each other and watching the ignorant do the same…these signs mean 666 to them. As a side note we have since seen many FP plates all over the country with 666 on them with no surprise actually.

If you research the cabalic way you will know that Hebrew is their language. In Hebrew every symbol (letter) is given a numerical value. Look up the symbol “V” in Hebrew. You will see that there are three of these “V”s on the front of every “Monster” drink can. The numeric value of the Hebrew symbol “V” is 6. Every can of Monster drink has a blazing 666 in satanic cabalic language written on it. You will also notice “FOX” and “Monster” logo together on T-shirts and the like.

Start looking and you’ll see what I’m writing about here.

According to this satanic rockefeller foundation document, 13,000 people to die in 2012 London Olympic bombing.

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