Many Being Taken Below Already

Written by Bonnie & John

November 27, 2011

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This is John. I have had a knowing for over a year now, that somehow many of the so-called elite would be deceived into retreating underground into what is actually legendary hell. I had insight as we drove past the most affluent areas in In-Diana-polis, passing one apparently vacant mansion after another. Where did these rich people go? Then there were other signs as well. Strange alleged deaths, such as Mr. Jackson’s. Oprah retiring at the height of her career was very odd and telling too. So, after analyzing my thoughts on this for over a year I came up with a scenario. I believe that the so-called elite are and have been deceived into believing their only chance of survival is to retreat below. However, this is merely a deception to wrangle them into hell. I further believe that those who “have to” be replaced will be replaced by reptilian shape shifter (or clone?) look alikes, such as the two in this video.  Now with this video, which Bonnie and I saw for the first time only moments before my writing this blog entry, I can say that my belief on this subject is being proven correct. The two individuals in this video are NOT Dr. Dre and Eminem. We will continue to update this topic as new evidence arises.

Much love to you human.



The video below is a documentary which reveals the satanic cabalic nature of the music industry. It contains crucial information including documentation of blaque majek incantations. Because these incantations are actually broadcast within the documentary it is important to spiritually protect yourself. If you do not know what that means or how to accomplish this protection, then we hereby advise you NOT to watch the following video until you are able to spiritually protect yourself. You have been forewarned, Blessed Be.

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Please listen closely. Research Arcons. Research Project Blue Beam.
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