Grandfather Hunbatz Men 13 Crystal Skulls at Serpent Mound

Written by Bonnie & John

October 31, 2011

The Activation of Serpent Mound Video

Ceremony Under the Sacred Tree Video

Transcript of Elder Hunbatz Men at bottom of page: Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men meets the Crystal Skull

Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men and the Crystal Skulls activate Serpent Mound for Spiritual Ascension

On the first day of the Golden Age, October 29, 2011 Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men journeyed to the sacred site of Serpent Mound in Ohio. His mission was to awaken the spiritual energies of that sacred place with the help of the ancient crystal skulls and the love of all the beautiful people in attendance. His mission was accomplished and noted physically by the sunny blue sky momentarily bringing about a brief sun shower…just long enough to produce an amazing rainbow over the area where the skulls rested on the ground.

Grandfather Hunbatz Men led the crowd along Serpent Mound and then had everyone gather in a circle around an old tree where the crystal skulls were placed. The skulls, created from various types of crystal, found all across the world, are living beings which are coming together now to help humanity wake up to its true spiritual nature. The skulls contain great knowledge and memory of the real history of this planet. An awakening and healing Ceremony of the 13 Crystal Skulls took place around the tree as everyone faced the setting sun and joined in a harmonious mantra.

This was a truly life-changing experience for John and Bonnie Jean Mitchell (of and, very likely, for everyone involved in this event. The day started out at 11:11 a.m. with a Unity Meditation and Merkabah Activation led by Deborah Lindsey at the head of the Serpent, overlooking a picturesque valley filled with trees and a wide, meandering stream. The chilly morning fog withdrew as the sun warmed the people and the land.

Unity Consciousness was the rule of the day as people of all walks of life smiled, greeted and spoke with each other and made real connections on a deep level. There was dancing and singing, drum beating, flute playing, sage burning, and great amounts of love and openness. At 2:00 p.m. the workshop “Serpent Mound, the Mayan Calendar, and the Crystal Skulls” was presented by Ross Hamilton, Deborah Lindsey, and Ken Harsh.

Eagerly awaiting Grandfather Hunbatz Men, the crowd gathered near the tail of the Serpent in celebration, forming a large circle of adults, children, and even some dogs. Caretakers of two ancient crystal skulls came forward to place the skulls on the grass in the center of the circle. People danced, sang, and chanted as soul-moving melodies were composed with didigeroo, singing bowl, flutes, rattles, drums, and clapping hands. The powerful, etheric-like energy of the skulls drew people to them, and many placed their hands on the skulls to meditate and receive information contained in the universal consciousness. All of this joyousness led right into the main ritual. Clearly, ascension of consciousness was happening and Grandfather Hunbatz Men was very pleased with the energetic awakening of Serpent Mound.

After the Ceremony of the 13 Crystal Skulls, after many participants had already left, a small group of people were fortunate enough to personally witness Grandfather Hunbatz Men meeting an ancient crystal skull from Brazil for the very first time. The skull was presented by its caretaker Aaron Mullin. John and Bonnie from were honored to be there to capture this important message from the Mayan Elder and bring it to the world. All of this took place on the first day of the new world, a new era in higher consciousness, October 29, 2011.


Transcript below

Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men meets the Crystal Skull from Brazil at Serpent Mound October 29, 2011

We have translated this to the best of our ability. John & Bonnie Jean Mitchell

“So, let me say this. It is very important. In the last ages, somebody is going to come to say ‘I am going to save humanity’ or something like this. Every time going to happen that more negative things come to disappear what the people they say. Good persons. (negative things will try to discredit the truth spoken by good people). In the new time, the crystal skulls, they are going to speak and teach. So, because exists hundreds of them in this planet and outside in other galaxies too, nobody can discredit that is coming. Okay? So the new age crystals are going to give the light. All of this is going to happen. This is so important, so you need to have (the crystal skull) in some venerated place people can be around, good people. Don’t believe negative things about the crystal skulls because who was here first before the human? This (pointing to crystal skull). And the memory of the crystals, they took this memory for maybe a million years they would travel around the sun. All that memory is there (pointing at skull). So, who can have much memory? There (pointing at skull)? We (pointing at himself)? Or any human (pointing at the crowd)? The crystal skull (pointing at the skull). So that’s the reason we could wake up, if we could wake up, it’s going to happen with help from the crystal skulls.

And now we are going to learn the name (of the skull). The name, the name is, in Maya it is Lem Sk’ul. Lem, it is the light. Lem is light. Is light. But we divide in two parts. Lem, it means light. Sk’ul in Maya is God. Lem Sk’ul. So, the Light of God. That is Maya in the way, how we know, how we understand the crystal skulls. That is one of the reasons they create something beautiful in the Maya land. You know the story of crystal skulls of Ann Mitchell? Please check it out. That crystal skull is the most perfect skull that exists in all the world. And the theory of that being not made by human hands. They made by laser. Laser. They made that way. Who made this? Nobody knows. Scientifically they don’t know. But the Maya they say they use that, maybe. Or maybe it came from another place to help humanity wake up (points to top of head).

So this (crystal skull), this is so beautiful. Keep in a sacred place and very much respect and have connection with others that have crystal skulls. And one (a crystal skull), they send me from Tibet, the Himalayas. There were 13 of them and they sent me one. So it was the reason, one of the reasons, for my work now is to teach about it. Okay? That is all good. So we say Grandfather is good. Grandfather, in Maya, it can mean ‘NaHochTat’ (I am not sure of this spelling). If you like it, you can use this name. We are doing a documentary about crystal skulls. Maybe we can connect you, you accept, you can be part of that.

Yes, because Humanity, they need to see different things. The new age is not personal education. Good. I am very happy. You see the manifestation of the Great Spirit.”

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