Fake Alien Invasion Agenda

Update: 5 5 2020 These things are about to happen. Be awake and aware. Project Blue Beam is Starlink is activated is holographic. Be not deceived. They have always been here.

These words below, we wrote here years ago and today a sleeper will barely pay a second of attention to the most bizarre video of unidentified aerial phenomenon. One might have noticed the dramatic increase of UFO sightings in tangent timeline with the plandemic and simultaneously right in the middle of this “crisis” we have SpaceSex launching Starlink Holographic testing right before Fake Alien Invasion. What a show it is going to be!!!

October 14, 2011
The Fake Alien Invasion is Underway. Have you noticed all the aliens on TV and in the movies? This is predictive PROGRAMMING designed to get the general populace ready for the fake alien invasion that will be carried out in part by Project Blue Beam. Current technology is capable of projecting very life-like HOLOGRAPHIC images that can trick people into believing that what they see is real. These holographic images can walk, talk, and even be touched.

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