Australians Left Defenseless By Their OWN|NWO satanic Government

Written by Bonnie & John

September 30, 2011

Pay attention my fellow Americans. Now I’m talking to Americans here, NOT U.S. citizens. You do not want to be a U.S. citizen, you want to be an American. If you don’t know the difference or if you don’t know that there is a “HUGE” difference, then you had better wake up and figure it out quick. Here is a clue for you, to get you started in the right direction.
The United States of America is the Republic our forefathers created for us. That Republic (which is in no way, shape or form a democracy) has a constitution which is named The Constitution for the United States of America. In 1871 satanic criminals started a corporation named the UNITED STATES and these murderous criminals also gave their abomination a constitution which is called The Constitution of the UNITED STATES<<notice the absence of ” for America” at the end. Later these same satanic criminals would begin to issue birth/berth certificates which are meant to enslave every human as soon as they are born. The history of this enslavement goes back to Rome 1302 with the first of three Vatican trusts (also purely satanic).

To my fellow patriotic Americans I say to you, we have been fooled in an enormous way. NOW is the time to claim your sovereignty from the corporation UNITED STATES and affirm your freedom as an organic being. You are NOT the “person / corporation” that these Cabalic criminals say you are. You are an Earth born free entity, claim your rights now!

We have been fooled by fascist nazi scum for far too long. Study the material and comprehend the scam. Like all things satanic, it is an elaborate mimicking or illusion which has a doorway out. DO NOT CONSENT. DO NOT CONSENT. DO NOT CONSENT.


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