Only One Species Still Living In East Palestine Ohio…The Guinea Pig

Written by Bonnie & John

March 6, 2023

Below: An honest expert vs. government vermin. You decide which is the truth. Pray for the innocent in Ohio. These Chemical/Biological Asymmetrical Warfare attacks will continue. We suggest leaving the former USA which, in fact, is Mystery Babylon.

Please notice in the town hall meeting below, only mentioning air sampling for Dioxin. As you learned in the video above, the only sure way to monitor/test for Dioxin is by use of swab sampling of surface areas. These folks are being lied to their faces as usual. The only intelligent thing to do is LEAVE THE AREA FAR BEHIND YOU.


Below: Evidence of a staged event meant to contaminate the water supply. Surface dwellers are in a war with a 20% Breakaway society which dwell in the Underworld.

Below: Four months prior to the Chemical Biological attack on East Palestine, Ohio this happens.

Below: Here we have a psychotic transgender crisis actor in a wig, propagating a “F.E.M.A. housing” narrative. If you have discernment you can easily detect that this Hellbound creature is spewing its lines. Who in the world, in this emergency, would say “we need F.E.M.A. housing?” This is staged and all involved in the farce will be in Sheol soon. By the time the anti-Christ (D.J.T.) is back in power, F.E.M.A. housing will be an integral aspect of American lexicon and experience.

Below is the movie White Noise. We offer this so-called movie which, as some will see, is truly more of a satanic ritual than a movie. We offer this data in its entirety for study purposes only.


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