The Next Level

Written by Bonnie & John

June 15, 2022

For those of you who missed the first volume of this documentary entitle Level, you can see it here.

The Next Level is a great documentary and a big step up from their first try, ‘Level‘.

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Actor, Neil Degrasse Tyson Exposed

Hubble Telescope Is A Farce (What an amazing conversation below)

These are some of the best Real Earth videos archived on our data base. The video of Trevor James Constable is quite rare.

I Scientists Capture Firmament On Video

II Exposing Jupiter For What It Really Is

III The Creator Works in Mysterious Ways

IV 1965 Scientist Claims the Moon is Plasma (uncut) RetroFocus

V The Foundation of the Firmament According to 4 Ezra

VI Lights In The Firmament Shining Again

VII Halley’s Comet and The Firmament

VIII Etheric Rainmaking with Trevor James Constable

IX Censored Firmament Video Back and Better

X Asteroids and the Firmament

XI Firmament Translated in Torah is: The Dome

Be not deceived. Your world is not a spinning globe and you are not insignificant, as a glober would have you be-lie-ve.
The “v” and “e” at the end represent vril energy or be lie vril energy. The numbers 66 and 666 and the symbol of “V” or an inverted V all represent The Fallen, The Beast, The Beast System, The Serpent [race].
Here is a video I comprised in 2016 which touches on the subject within WirdMajjeK




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