Gigapost – Genesis Revelation +++

Written by Bonnie & John

August 8, 2022

Rob Skiba, evidence that only the good die young. A truth teller to the best of his abilities, which were vast and complex. In that, he was and remains a true Brother to all of mankind. May you rest in peace Rob Skiba. We will see you soon in The Kingdom. Thank you Rob and Thank you to his family. Few put so many of the pieces together to help guide us all, as Rob Skiba has done.

Rob Skiba’s widow speaks about her husband’s medical murder.

Here are the four documentaries that Rob recommends in his talk.
The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers
The New Atlantis
Riddles in Stone
Eye of the Phoenix

And, of course, The Book of Enoch

The Giants of Patagonia above is from this wonderful channel on Bitchute
And here is a great search result for giants

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