Monkey Socks -“MonkeyPox” Is A Known Adverse Reaction To The Covid-19 Genocide Jab

Written by Bonnie & John

July 27, 2022

SPARS Document that Bonnie mentions in this Patreon video here.
Interpol Investigation Bill Gates?
Important Document from Dr. Betty Martini and Mission Possible International here.
Autoimmune Blistering Disease is a known “Adverse Event” from the Genocide mRNA injection = There is NO monkeypox.


So which is it? Was this satanic WHO terrorist arrested or is this Hell-bounder in power…orrrr…are we living in two worlds?

This is a tiny glimpse into the fact that ALL of these Left Path “leaders” are missing some marbles. Tedros is not only an actual former armed terrorist and now a terrorist for the W.H.O., but this creature obviously has a couple loose screws.
Remember Lefties, this is the guy YOU trust. Did you know that Fauci is married to a man posing (lying) as a woman who happens to be the Director of Human Experimentation at the NIH? Every single position of power right now is held by either a Hell-bound Talmudic “Jew” or some Hell-bound mentally ill Leftist like Tedros here. You huemans are NOT in good hands right now. Well those of you who are IN the world are not in good hands. Time to turn this over to YOUR Creator. PRAY!

To date the below video is the best testimony we have as to the seriousness to all claims that this is complete human genocide we are witnessing. No matter how many die, if there are no more babies, there is no further generation. Of course we offer this as evidence so that you may know…this is indeed the end of this world and beginning of a completely new inter-dimensional shift for The Right Hand Path.

The vaxxx’d are turning into zombies before your eyes.

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