Only An Ignoramus Or A Hater Of Mother Earth Would Buy An Electric Car

Written by Bonnie & John

November 22, 2022


Surprise surprise! Cut fossil fuel production and offer what as the solution? That’s right, something even worse. True scientists/engineers have already, for years, been making cars that run perfectly on hydrogen made from water. Can you see? This is and has always been attainable.

Bob Lazar and Free Energy…and a Particle Accelerator

Free Energy Powers Swiss Town Since 70’s

Burning Water HHO

A child can see that if the machine in the below video works, then it can by scaled up and improved

Free Magnet Energy

These low life hueman masons, at least, above the 5th degree will never develop or more accurately ‘allow to be made again’ these inventions that do not pollute. Mainly because they can not line their pockets with anything that is truly free. This snake oil salesman of the highest order is a 100% silver tongued charlatan, which is very well documented and therefor provable. If you think that rockets can come back to the surface and land themselves vertically…you are super high. Elon is a shyster and will pay dearly for his perverse nature, as they all will.  

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