When The Euphrates Dries, A Third Of Mankind Dies

Written by Bonnie & John

November 21, 2022


MAGA means: Fifth Degree Satanist. The Followers of The Antichrist will become fully devoid of Love and Care (The Christ within them) when The Antichrist takes, publicly, power once again. “Where We Go One, We Go All” are the exact words of the pact made by the Fallen Angels when they rebelled against The Creator of ALL!!! If YOU are a MAGA, you have this very last chance to revert. Only moments left now for your very soul. The followers of The Antichrist will SOON cheer as half of their nation of Mystery Babylon are rounded up and taken into Sheol. This is only THE FIRST WAVE!!! REPENT NOW…turn your upside down pentagram upright again and REPENT NOW!!! ONLY A VERY SHORT TIME LEFT FOR YOU!!!




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