Free Energy Powers Swiss Town Since 70’s

Written by Bonnie & John

March 17, 2010

Man when I saw this video I just laughed out loud…like this…LOL

I hope someone out there is watching these videos and laughing too. Not because it’s funny, this is truly sad. I laugh because of the stark absurdity of the whole situation. Those who are waking up can now see how very dumbed down they have made the human race. I say again…none are more deceived than the deceivers.

Basically if you’re still arguing about any of this, then you’re way way way behind the learning curve. An ascension is coming now that will make all of man’s toiling seem absurd. ALL technology (mimicking the One) is antiquated beyond the human comprehension and therefore ALL technology is OBSOLETE. Therefore that which mimics the One is OBSOLETE!!!Wake-Up!!!NOW!!!You need nothing but your whole self to exist in the real.

Invented and discovered by Paul Baumann from Linden Switzerland this unique free energy machine generates about 3 KWatts of free power and has powered a small community in Switzerland for FREE since the 70’s.

‘Nuf said~


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