Contactee Bonnie Jean Mitchell

Good star people vs. bad aliens and the secret government — they’re all out there. Pleiadians and Orions are here to help humanity wake up to the true nature of reality and ascend to a new state of higher consciousness, while some of the other alien groups are doing just the opposite. And the secret government (illuminati), well, they’re doing everything they can to keep you bogged down in the lower, heavy, sluggish frequencies of hate and fear. The secret government does not want any of us to ascend to higher frequencies because then they can’t control us anymore.

“If you are waking up, the most important and beneficial action you can take is to keep love in your heart, no matter the circumstance. That is THE KEY to spiritual ascension.”

“If you are an alien abductee who is having negative experiences, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to stay as positive and calm as you can, and keep love in your heart. Eventually, you will get to a place where these negative entities will no longer be able to reach you because you have raised your vibrational frequency.”

If you are a contactee or an alien abductee who would like a safe place to go and chat with other people, there is a forum at

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