Casi no?

Written by Bonnie & John

October 30, 2021

In the above video we see one of The Dead. This former female hueman is now transforming through a consensual injection of a publicly acknowledged mRNA serum which alters hueman DNA.  Zachariah 14:12. How could this be known and prophesied? For the same reason these injections are NOT experimental. Only YOU live on a false time line in a false reality. mRNA is Fallen Angel technology. Does any aspect of what you are witnessing seem like a roll of the dice to you? No, of course not. This is a meticulously calculated plan to result in the harvest of as many hueman souls as possible…period. Consent and deceit their only given powers beyond the knowledge they brought down into earth with them. If you have consented, you have imprisoned your identity and unique soul energy into virtual damnation. The Shift is coming. You are witnessing these events so that you may learn deep into your soul how to exist as a being and coexist with others on and within other dimensions and world templates beyond…far beyond the flower of life earth template. This is only the incubator for the Children of our Creator. Far more wonders in store in only a short time more as we leave behind the 4th door.

Z’s on the way…the last hollywood predictive program to come to life.

Graphine Oxyde in the lungs – Building something

Pre-Z nose bleed below…Graphic


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