Written by Bonnie & John

August 24, 2021

We all know now what The Dead have done to themselves. It is all but over for The Left Hand Path. Time to focus on the Light and the direction of The New World, readied for us by our Creator.

This drawing, I made in ink and chalk, represents the Red and Blue/ Far Right and Far Left mind control designed for each hemisphere separately and to maintain separation of the mind (Left eye to right hemisphere-red / Right eye to left hemisphere-blue). The Purple in the middle represents the actual purple light which emanates from the Third Eye. The power of Left and Right balanced, as they were meant to be, is the power of manifestation. When you have achieved this balance…satan/lucifer and his ridiculous minions CAN NOT deceive you and have NO POWER over you whatsoever. This drawing also represents the fact that it is the light from the balanced which holds this reality together and stabilizes both hemispheres/realities. When we leave here…so goes the fourth world, into complete collapse and reset.

Re Formation

John and Bonnie on Republic Broadcasting Network with Ingri Cassel 30JAN2021
hour one
hour two



Matthew 24:40

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