YES! YES! YES! – This Is What You Do !!!

Written by Bonnie & John

May 9, 2021

In the above video, with MASSES (reportedly 10,000 but clearly over 100,000) of wonderful, thinking, loving and caring men and women, what do we see? One thing, one important thing…the police are so overwhelmingly outnumbered that their “normal” tyrannical behavior is not apparent. No, in fact look at the video again and really get a feel for those police. Look at their eyes. This massive movement in unison is so clearly powerful. For a time it has been wise to stay indoors and watch the unfoldment. Now…the enemy lines are quite clear. Those who want to kill you are exposed and known. Those unconscious animals that stand between you and the hidden hand (masons in legion with 66) are also known and quite clearly…OUTNUMBERED.  Now is the time for action in numbers and through peace, as long as peace prevails.

To get her…The Female Goddess Energy…Together. Together you repair what was damaged. Two or more in the name of The Christ bring forth the balance hidden by The Fallen. To get her, you repair what was damaged by The 66 and restore the Light. Even if you do not comprehend, the seed is already there and soon you will know.

Love, Care, Light, Respect, Gentleness…

These are the enemies of your foe.

So carry them with you, everywhere you go 🙂

The chasm between the Two Paths has never been so visible.  Soon the magnetic filter “flips,” even as MS-science concurs. Those with the resonance of Love and Care will ascend. Those who did not succeed this time, go back to school, leaving the streets of the world bare once more but only for a time…when time comes again.
When is for The Creator to know. SOON, very soon, is for you to know and prepare for. Bonnie and I send our love out to all of you upon The Right Hand Path. Blessed Be.

777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777
“…and Death shall not find them…”

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  1. 🙂 You, John, are our number one fan and we really appreciate you!

  2. SO awesome and inspiring! THANK YOU John & Bonnie!

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