NYC Firefighters – 911 Was An Inside Job!

Written by Bonnie & John

August 24, 2020

Bonnie and I, like thousands of other aware Americans, stood and yelled from the top of our lungs…911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB !!!
That was in 2001. On September 11, 2019 this video conference was held and mainstream media made sure that we all missed it. So buried by the evil scumbags at Google Inc. hardly a man or woman would see the conference. They buried it because of its huge importance. FINALLY, a voice, a lawsuit and recognition that elements within the USA’s own government conducted meetings regarding their terror attack, prepared for their terror attack, and conducted the pseudo-terrorist action that would simply be called 911.
Terrorists with box cutters? Sure, why not…the American pee-poles will believe ANYTHING! They were right about that much.

Today light is being shone on ALL evil. Even the two hermaphrodites, Billie and Mel are beginning to be seen as The Mass Murderers they truly are. Whether some government official puts the true terrorists, like Fauci, in prison or not, it does not matter in the least. I write this matter-of-factly from study and certainly not from a religious perspective because I have no religion. HE WHO RIDES THE BRIGHT WHITE HORSE IS COMING QUICKLY!!! Those who are not written into the Book of Life will go below where they belong. Terrorist will be terrorized. Those who imprison will be imprisoned. Torturers will be tortured. Those who seemingly had all the wealth and power on the surface will make the majority in Sheol. The Maxwells, Clintons, Faucis, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers…all below receiving their just dues. Many are already there and many more are taken below every day. Epstein is already there being thoroughly enjoyed by He who’s scaly armor is both fire and freeze proof.

Smile Billie Gates…Smile Mel Gates…Smile all you evil bastards SMILE!!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND NEARLY NO TIME LEFT!!! My Father who lives in Heaven is coming to destroy you all!!! Down into the pits of Sheol you will all go!!!

When this is all finished, I will smile broadly knowing that I helped just a little with this rather enormous accomplishment.

The Bush family and the Cheney family are in the know concerning what really happened on 911. They are in the know because certain members of both families PARTICIPATED in 911. Dick Cheney and George Bush Jr., George Bush senior, Marvin Bush and Jeb Bush should be tried, convicted and publicly executed for their crimes against our nation and for crimes against humanity. Of course there is a much much longer list of names which should meet this same fate. Of course, a trial by men and women is NOT how this will play out. No, this sort needs to be put into the prison of prisons for what they have done against creation.

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