Targeted by The Damned – Targeted Individuals – T.I.’s

Written by Bonnie & John

July 22, 2020

About the Title: Those who cause damage to mankind will pay that negative karma three fold. This is simply the way the material plane functions to keep balance among the souls of mankind or, in this case, the souls of the damned (those who do stand with satan/lucifer). This post deals with one of the many symptoms of the matrix/satanic-false-reality which is that segment of mankind AWARE of their infliction with tracing/tracking/targeting/torture technologies and those Sheol-bound souls who would be despicable enough to use them. Of course, many or most of the awakening souls realize that time is short. Very soon The Shift will remove from our reality these sick psychopaths and sociopaths. For their actions against their own Brothers and Sisters, damnation to Sheol is imminent. Those who have brought harm, pain and suffering to my Brothers and Sisters will soon awake into full consciousness in The Pit, where their deeds on the surface world will be reflected unto them Three Fold by exact measure of their wickedness. Those who tortured will be tortured. Those who imprison will be imprisoned. Those who acted in unabated evil will live through the literally unimaginable horror that they so duly deserve. The first and second gates to Abaddon, built by the hand of mankind once again and with each world, are open to receive those who would go or be taken below. This has been the case for surface dwellers since the 1930’s by the hand of man of the 4th world (D.U.M.B./Under World) and since the year of The Fallen long before hueman, when men still knew the Elohim. Let the evil be evil and the righteous be righteous as the day of judgement is nearly at hand.

Many Blessings to our Brothers and Sisters upon The Right Hand Path…your suffering is nearly ended.

To all police, judges, lawyers, politicians, jesuits, masons and masonic dark magi and every wicked man and wicked woman and to every Fallen66 in flesh and in Evil Spirit…I write this Truth to you: Enjoy thoroughly your evil deeds today for tomorrow you will be below our feet or dismantled and forgotten for all eternity. You have each been fooled because you are each a fool and that which you have worshiped all of your lives grins today at the thought of your tomorrow… and Death shall not find you.

777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777


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