Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Written by Bonnie & John

January 30, 2013

Are miracles starting to happen for you? As you reach a more aware state of consciousness, you will realize that letting go of fear and following the love in your heart will provide a beautiful outcome. You may try to fight it (the ego doesn’t want to let go) but, in the end, you will know that all you really need to do is be at peace. The awakening is happening. 🙂

“The world is full of people, but there is only a handful of human beings.” Here are some wise Lakota words and very happy, joyous music. Let’s all be happy!!! It is time to get back to what is truly important in this world: learning and growing together and helping each other like one big family. It is time to let go of fear and anger and embrace love and joy. WE are all related.
Thanks to Wamblisha Vision

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