Children Given Autism From 1 In 10,000 To 1 In 88

Written by Bonnie & John

January 4, 2013

Children Given Autism From 1 In 10,000 To 1 In 88



You can not go any where without seeing or hearing an add for the flu shot…WHY? Go to your pharmacy, have a look down the aisles and you will see DOZENS of ads for the flu shot. Walgreens and CVS will give you a percentage off your total purchase to get stabbed with their toxic vaccine. People please take notice. If someone wants to give you something so bad they will pay you to take it…don’t you think you should be a little suspicious? Parents every single day are waking up to the horror that they SHOULD NOT HAVE VACCINATED THEIR CHILD. Once your child gets autism from the toxic poison injected into them it is too late.
One in 88. That means you have neighbors that take their children to the same doctor you do that now have autistic children due solely to vaccination. Research the facts before you submit your child to chemical torture brought to you by Big Pharma Eugenics…Agenda 21. All you have to do is say NO!

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