Henry Kissinger-War Criminal-Unconscionable Detriment To Humanity

Written by Bonnie & John

June 24, 2012

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Ever listen to the Nixon tapes? There is one bit in particular when Nixon is telling Henry Kissinger “We need something really big Henry! What about nukes!?” (Nixon was speaking to, known war criminal, Henry Kissinger about using tactical nuclear weapons in Vietnam) There is some insight for you into the psychotic minds of these former humans. This is not easy to see or take in or contemplate. However, it is imperative to know your enemy.
Henry Kissinger, to my knowledge (links provided), is a wanted war criminal. He is wanted in at least two countries (France and Spain) to answer these charges which were set forth by multiple judges. Evidently there is an actual warrant or warrants issued for his arrest.
Henry Kissinger is a terrorist by any definition. Just look at what this maniac has been involved with. Are you with the terrorists or are you for free human beings and freedom for all Earthlings?
Use your mind and start seeing whom the terrorists really are. (hint: they all belong to the same club (G), are easily identifiable (known through mass media) and very very few of them wear turbans or pray to Allah unless they have a C.I.A. identification/payroll number.)
The truth is very twisted. The way you thought things were is not even close to the way things actually are. It is hard for a good human to see this darkness because good humans are inherently…well…good! When you hear or see a group of “good” humans speaking up for something worthy like the arrest of a heinous war pig henry kissinger, you should lend an ear to the information. If it turns out to be super important, like the arrest of a heinous war pig henry kissinger, then maybe you should help out in some way. At least spread the word. When enough humans have the correct information, reality is actually changed before your wide eyes. This could even facil-itate 777 the arrest of a heinous war pig henry kissinger 777





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