Rothchilds Controlling North Korea

Written by Bonnie & John

January 4, 2012

A plea to the world to wake up and take the power back now! “North Korean leader Kim Jong II was murdered. This is the information from Japanese Security Police and Right Wing Group. It is a sign of a larger power struggle. The Rothchilds are trying to keep the secret ruling of North Korea by putting Kim Jong-un on the throne. He’s a son of Kim Jong II, he speaks English and French and he’s a tamed minion of these powers.”

“The people who tried to kill me were Henry Kissinger, George Bush senior, George Bush junior, Frank Carlucci and .David Rothchild.”

“What they do to Japanese young politicians is, they invite the politicians to U.S. for a visitation. The politicians stay in U.S. for two months, after that period, they are all brainwashed.” 12:34

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