Written by Bonnie & John

November 30, 2011

Now is the time when all truth is revealed. The queen, the vatican and their minions are being called out into the light where all of humanity will see what these murderous psychopaths have done. After that, many of these wretched souls will know the second death, as their names are not written in the book of life. Their consciousness will be dispersed back into the void and they will harm never again. Still many more will find themselves below to answer the Judges. For the torment they have inflicted, THREE times this they will suffer…THIS IS THE LAW. Think clearly now military personnel. Think clearly now statute officer. Think clearly now administrator of the blaque court. The time of that which you have embraced is nearly ended. In the end even your satan will flee the Light which is coming quickly. Think clearly now and repent. Repent in your thought. Repent in your deed. Repent in your heart for the Time is short.

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