Television Mind Control IS Digital Solomon’s Key part I

Written by Bonnie & John

September 1, 2011

We at awakenvideo believe that this 3 part series reveals a key part in the serpents control grid over humanity. Television is poison for the human brain. If you are promoting your children watching this satanic device, you are quite actually poisoning your child. Please wake up and see what is being presented to you. This is no laughing matter. Neither is it a conspiracy theory. This is right under your nose for you to see clearly, no theory at all!

Prognatus Septem in promptu ponere verum-i

Spin” Programming and Mind Control  by John D. Lovern, Ph.D.

None are more deceived than the deceivers. Solomons key

Please read this article from

If you read that and want to know even more then….read this too 🙂

Visual examples of subliminal messages

The Christ is coming quickly!

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