Best Evidence of Holographic Project Blue Beam Chem “Planes” MUST SEE

Written by Bonnie & John

January 13, 2011

The author of this video is quite on target when it comes to the luciferian masons and their agenda (what myself and others call; “The Reptilian Agenda”). He/she is also right on target with the explanation of these fake planes being holographic and the beginning part of Project Blue Beam (P.B.B.). The only points that we at awakenvideo disagree with is the basic dismissal of the 2012 event and the text overlay comment, towards the end, “there are no extraterrestrials”. We don’t believe in editing out portions of video to suit our needs just because we don’t agree fully. That said, this video is well made and the only source I could find of such stark examples of the P.B.B. holograms which obviously have already started.

Thank you to the author. Here is his youtube channel link nibirushock

UPDATE NOVEMBER 7, 2011 FROM FAKEPLANE Rod Hilderman is the leading researcher in the holo plane phenomenon and the following video is one of the best I’ve seen. Please visit his channel and research his evidence.(video is no longer available on youtube)

Project Blue Beam is on the Ground

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