Prolonged Detention by Dictat…excuse me…President Obama

Written by Bonnie & John

March 13, 2010

Dictator …that is… alleged “Kenyan born” president ?Obama? or Barry Soetoro or one of the 12 names from the 12 different Social Security numbers his person has used over his life-time. It really doesn’t matter what his name is though, just that you know WHAT he is. I am not talking about Christian or Muslim, democrat or republican and I’m sure as heck not talking about black or white either. All of those things we have been made to fight about. This repulsive slithering reptoid is NOT what you think he is. He was elected through the largest psy-op since 911. This is a deceiver. This is a serpent. You may not be able to believe now, but you will believe soon.

The Christ is coming quickly!!! Ascension is now!!!

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