1966 TV Interview with the Reptiles

A big thank you to mateous11 for this gem of a reptile find. Really weird how this stuff has sat around for so long and it is only now that we can “see” the serpent. As time permits I am going to edit this video to focus in on these shiny eyed hell-bounders.

Original text from mateous11 below.

Old excerpt from a TV Show (Part 2 from 15) with Jose Silva – apparently the only 100% human guest from the panelists – the other were reptilians shapeshifters: (John Ankerberg, Dave Hunt, John Weldon and Dr. George DeSau). Please take a specific look at minute(s): 0:45 / 1:37 / 1:53 / 2:41 / 2:45 / 2:56 / 6:16 / 7:20 min.(video unavailable)

The complete interview is full of evidence – eyes color/form changes, teeths, tongue-mouth movements, face gesture expressions, pale hands with puppet motions sometimes (= needs sharp eyes on this one).

So people, spread this information because information will make you free from this deceptive World of illussions…and that´s only the top of the iceberg…!! Make your OWN (NWO inverted) conclussions…!!
This excerpt its just an example. If you take a look on the original complete interview, you will found also explicit scenes in which you can appreciate this anomalies too.

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