EMS Pre Staged In Austin…Signs of MK Ultra

Written by Bonnie & John

February 23, 2010

This is the first video. This will be looked into deeply to show “outside” involvement in this so-called suicide of Mr. Stack.

Something stinks here folks and the truth will prevail. Those awake to 911 truth are awake for good. We see, we watch, we are aware of the situation and we are not fooled!

If you have any intuition at all it should be easy to pick up that this so-called witness seems to be more of a bad actress than a witness. It may take a couple or three views to really believe it but beside the quite freaky looking reptile reporter stands a stooge not an eye witness. These deceivers have all the bases covered. They must continually sell this deception to you in order to keep you in the false reality. So that you never even think to question the “official” story. This is how 911 worked and it is being played out today. An example of this is in the photo for this post. A piper cub airplane with 77 gallons of fuel “almost brought the building down”???!!! Who is this ass kidding?? To me it’s an obvious poke at how stupid “they” think “you” are.

Much Much More to come soon…count on it!~

Above article scanned from USA Today.

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