The Singularity

Written by Bonnie & John

November 7, 2011

Here comes ascension!

“Our very survival as a species will reach a tipping point that will result in either our extinction or our transcendence.”

“Terence Mckenna put forth the idea that this Singularity we are approaching was somehow encoded in time itself and was recorded in the ancient Chinese divination text entitled I Ching. He then incorporated his findings in a computer program called Timewave Zero. The concept behind Timewave Zero is the mathematical understanding of history and its repeating patterns.”

“The pattern he discovered repeats until it reaches an infinitely small length of time and an infinitely large level of intensity. Referred to as Zero Point, this culmination is set to occur around December 21, 2012.”

Time is being compressed. “We are living through, in a 67-year period that stretches from 1945-2012, a compressed version of a larger historical epoch 4,306 years long that also ends in 2012.” We are learning faster and we are gathering more experience in shorter bursts of time.Can you feel it?

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