Karma Patrol – Take The Implant

Written by Bonnie & John

March 12, 2021

If there was ever an honest music video which encapsulates the absolute truth of humanity’s current left hand path, it is this music video.

Un gran abrazo y todo el amor de nuestro corazón es para nuestro querido amigo Thomas, el cantante principal de Karma Patrol y para toda la banda.
Gracias por hacer su parte para ayudar a despertar a nuestros hermanos y hermanas.
Translation to English:
A great big hug and all the love in our hearts goes out to our dear friend Thomas, the lead singer for Karma Patrol and to the entire band.
Thank you for doing your part to help wake our Brothers and Sisters.



Karma Patrol is an international collaboration by singer, Thomas Thayer and producer/guitarist, Duke Rashkow. Their musical and video content are intended to bring to public light, the fact that the institutions that ostensibly serve to support and protect civil society actually exist to do harm and to profit from human apathy, ignorance and the relinquishing of personal responsibility. The recent past has made it glaringly evident that this task is a much greater challenge than we could have imagined.
Humanity’s general response to the recently redefined “pandemic” Operation has shown that many of our brothers and sisters are still very much under the yoke of mass media and public education fallacies.

“TAKE THE IMPLANT” was originally conceived as a response to Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant venture. We attempt to show how human enhancement devices are tied into the parasite class’ efforts to lead society into a totally controlled, “SMART”, AI Technocracy.
When it came down to the video editing phase the covid madness was already in full swing. The video attempts to blend the original intent pertaining to the brain chip, with the worldwide societal chaos we have witnessed throughout 2020 and 2021, acknowledging that every suggestion and imposition made by the parasitic control freaks with their surprise corona operation is exactly in line with the long standing, yet covert, march toward complete Technocracy.

Even though we have seen myriad examples of our fellow man falling into “Lockstep” with the controlling agenda, acting more like human cattle than courageous and responsible men and women, we know that much of what we witness comes straight from the corrupt and controlled media machine.
We are encouraged by the many other examples (seen almost exclusively on alternative media outlets) of principled people all over the world who , in spite of the obvious damage to their personal security, reputation and livelihood, have chosen to speak up and identify the contradictions and atrocities that become painfully evident once one simply scratches the surface of the mainstream mirage.

We appreciate and support all who resist the lies, and are proud to unite with those who choose truth over popular opinion and right action over security.
We will never stop fighting for a free, loving and prosperous human civilization.

Karma Patrol March 2021.

If the above video does not load properly, here is Take The Implant on ewetube


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  1. Hey…Thanks for watching John. And, thanks for your great comments too!

  2. Thanks for this! A really good band with powerful music and a very important message!

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