Chemtrails to Pseudo Life SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY

Written by Bonnie & John

November 7, 2011

We have been aware of chemtrails for several years now. We are also aware of the epic psy-op which continues today to re-write your memory and to simply erase chemtrails from your perception. We have done our best to bring all the best insight to you here at awakenvideo. This documentary is startling to say the least. The obvious first question is..”what can we do to about this?”

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Buy masks and wear them every day or at least on obvious chemtrail days. When in your automobile recirculate the air and keep your windows up. If you have central air at home, buy reusable filters and run your fan to circulate and filter your air supply. If you are able to, build a Faraday cage in your home somewhere that it will be utilized often and can accommodate all occupants of the home. I know that seems like a tall order, but it can indeed be done for around $250.00 in materials i.e. metal screen and lumber. A Faraday cage protects you from certain microwave frequencies such as cell phone, Wi-Fi, and more. We find that eating a whole food / non GMO diet and staying away from all processed phudes is >>KEY<< to the ascension processes. Now that we can clearly see there is “something” in our air that we did not ask to be put there by entities we know we do not trust…It seems quite reasonable that we should do everything we can to filter these toxins from our bodies and alert EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN to what is happening to us and to our Earth.

Homicidal maniacs (many in white lab coats) are at the wheel right now…but the serpent has but a short time left here. Those who are hellbounders are swiftly on their way to their own version of eternity. May the One have mercy on their souls.

The true singularity is happening regardless of that which mimics the One. Time wave zero is approaching faster with each second that clicks by. Keep love in your heart and do not fear that which is consumed by evil. For none are more deceived than the deceivers.

He who rides the bright white horse is coming quickly ! THE CHRIST is coming quickly !



Thank you to our friend FRIENDTARD who brought this docu to our attention and thank you to IonUCanada for posting this video on their channel.

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