Hollywood Hypocrites

Written by Bonnie & John

January 31, 2013

Thank you OneTruth4Life

In this crazy reality you have been trained, yes trained, to idolize actors and sometimes even politicians. Truth is, these people are not rich and famous because they deserve your respect or even worship. Divine Law makes it so every single human on this planet is accountable for their actions. When a human deceives the rest of you on such a vast scale, All of you have the Divine Right to know your assailant(s). This is the True reason you know ALL their faces. Hollywood HAS ALWAYS BEEN a psychological operation to control YOUR mind.
In this crazy reality you call a man or woman who is willing to sell their body for sex, a whore. What do you call people who are willing to do ANYTHING for money? That’s right…you call them, actors and politicians, which The Dead worship. These liars and hypocrites stand now, GUILTY before the One. Judgment is taking place now and I say to you with eyes to see and ears to hear…these will be put into the furthest reaches of Hell as just payment for their deeds against mankind On Earth. You have been deceived beyond your own comprehension. Consciousness is now unfolding and when you fully awake you will remember who you are and you will finally see where you have been.
777may the One have mercy on your soul777

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