Awakenvideo Friday Nite Live Stream – 04AUG2023

Written by Bonnie & John

August 5, 2023

UAP Hearings Theatre and Imminent Fake Alien Invasion.
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President Reagan | Three Famous Alien Threat Speeches video:
Cube UFO video
Cube UFO Shaped Object Exits Earths Sun (Fake SOHO) video:
Cube UFO Shoots Past Sun On Sept 26, 2022 (Fake SOHO) video:
Cubic Glowing Orb Over Antarctica and Cube UFO Over Texas video:
MIND Boggling Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas video:
Mysterious Black Cube UFO And Space Tubes By The Sun NASA SOHO Images (Fake SOHO) video:
Rotating black diamond/cube UFO filmed over san diego, california on 01/14/2020 video:
Watch: Congress Calls OUT Secretive Intel Agencies Ahead of Hearing on UFO’s video:
Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 1 of 2 video:
Potential UFO sights reported around the world video:
Senator Schumer pushes to declassify UFO documents video:
The Disclosure Project – National Press Club 2001 video:
Citizen Hearing 2013 On Disclosure of Galactic Federation of Light video:
White House ET/UFO disclosure petition: Sign and make it go viral! video:
Steven Greer: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure 2013 video:
Pizzagate conspiracy theory (Fact) wiki page:


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