Awakenvideo Friday Nite Live Stream – 28JUL2023

Written by Bonnie & John

July 29, 2023

Real Earth
Nasty T-shirts provided by: @yultek
MUST SEE-The Complete Flat Earth and Beyond resource:
The Book of Jasher audio book:
200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball video:
Flat Earth in Five Minutes video:
NASA Can’t Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit video:
Planes Crash Into Invisible Shield of Flat Earth Dome video:
Solid Proof of Close Sun video:
They’re calling it THE VIDEO by Hibbeler Productions video:
USAF Proves the earth is FLAT in a SR71 Pilot testimony video:
Chasing The Sun Across The Flat Earth video:
The Book of Jasher pdf:
army research laboratory propagation of electromagnetic fields over flat earth.pdf:
nasa reports the earth is flat and non-rotating page 6 pdf:
nasa reports a flat earth page 30 pdf:
nasa flat nonrotating earth page 12 pdf:

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