Libtard Leslie Jones Offers The Only Solution That Low I.Q.’s Have…Violence

Written by Bonnie & John

May 21, 2023

If you protest pedophile mentally disturbed “men” wearing dresses and reading to innocent children in libraries, Leslie Jones will assault you. You see, those who CAN NOT use their intellect because they DO NOT have one, can only do ONE THING…Threaten Violence. Keep flapping your idiotic mouths and acting out in violence. The days of The Left Hand Path are coming to a swift close. The “retribution” from The Antichrist is coming for you fools…first. The United Nations detention centers in The Underworld are manned/demoned and ready for MILLIONS to be incarcerated before their souls are dispatched into Sheol. If your heart frequency is not of Love and Care, you go to Sheol. It is that starkly simple. So, dimwitted, low I.Q., violent folks, like Leslie here, are going to be cast below before you can say, “Donald J. Trump is The Antichrist.”

The talentless Leslie Jones is best known for assaulting movie companies’ bank accounts by making flop after flop like Ghost Busters, the all-female remake. This loveless, violent fool is all too common a sight these days. Remember it is these Left Path creatures who are intrinsic to the coming collapse of the former U.S.A. A.K.A. Mystery Babylon. And they truly do not care. Because they truly do not posses care nor love. They are The Dead.

Remember this quote from this violent non-thinker… “Don’t think about what Jesus would do.”

*The photo above is a still shot taken from original video footage. The photo has had text added but absolutely nothing in the photo was tampered with. Therefore, check out the anomaly in those eyes. You are seeing one of the “many spirits” inside this satanic husk. The eyes are the windows to the soul inside. The destiny of this clueless threatener-of-violence is clear.

777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777

This photo was taken from my last Patreon video which will be
loaded here very soon.
Peace, Love, Respect…Ascension to all my Brothers and Sisters upon
The Right Hand Path.



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