7- Omega Has Begun

Written by Bonnie & John

December 1, 2022

To those who have connected with us through Patreon.com. Now is the moment you find out that you few who have passed through an open door to be here, are much more than watchers. Most of you know this in your heart and realize to some degree that you are very special. You are unique in the eyes of the many who have watched you for many life times. It is no mistake that you are here. At the designated moment and within this final series of videos, I am to tell my story and then you too will know me and comprehend what has happened to me. In this moment I am to offer you another open door. After you let this information into your heart and through your own discernment you know my words to be true, there is one very important task for you. With your own free will you are asked to share each of these videos with all of your contacts and as many more contacts as you can. You are asked to implore those you send this information to, to also spread this to all they know. Our information and our website are repressed by our enemy. The only way that this information spreads to all who need it, is by your own grace and comprehension and, most of all, your actions. This series of knowledge is to be the most viewed information ever in these End Days. This can only happen if you take action. This same invitation to pass through this door is open to any who would assist. This is a great and rare opportunity set before you all. All of us are grateful to those who accept this opportunity, this task. In the name of The Father, His only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit of Christ.

To All: As you will all soon see, this task begins here on this perfect day and at this perfect hour. All who can know, will begin to know in the next 72 hours.

When we say, “cell phones block ascension,” this is what we mean. Remember, China first. At this point, the narrative you are fed on TV, Bitchute, Youtube, Twitter, Facehook, etc,. has almost nothing to do with reality. Without the Spirit of Christ in your heart, you might look like the peepole in this below video. 5G takes away your huemanity, such as it is.

777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777
“…and Death shall not find them…”


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