Fauci – Genocidist

Written by Bonnie & John

October 20, 2022

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We warned you all for years about this psychopath and the rest like it. Bill Gates, Fauci and all their Legion are satanic to the core. They are all pure evil and you put yours and your family’s lives into their claws??? MIND CONTROL is the ONLY answer that can make sense of such lunatic behaviour.

Part 2

Fauci, in Italian, means: Jaw of the wolf. Just uncanny.

Leave The Left Hand Path to their own devices (figuratively and literally). Having vaccinated family, I do not write this lightly. Those vaccinated with the Covid-19 injections are the walking dead. They are now patented subspecies beings. As we continue to see the lowest I.Q. among them devolve into violence (more than usual) and utter chaos. This is the beginning of the Zombies, for they are already without consciousness, love nor care.

Beelzebub and These Two Flies

“doctor” ANTHONY FAUCI – A Lifetime of Mass Murder !!!

Vaccines Come From Hellbounders…Want Some?

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