Lift Yourself Up

Written by Bonnie & John

September 28, 2021

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  1. We know what you are going thru for sure. We left the USA mainly because of the chemtrails sprayed on us every day there.
    Chemnbusters absolutely work. We may have some information on building them if you are interested we will send it to you or post it for you?

    A big hug from us both to you Santossally!

  2. Thankn You for this wonderful video!!!!Question i said my i do not consent sheet.. THEY Are still spraying, they blocked the sun… I am working on positive affirmations once again, putting out love & good, I do get irritated at that they spray .. the day was great.. it was clear & now its blocked & pale/sickly look like.. what else can i do. i have earth pipes… medicine wheels i put down 2days ago.. even visulization. Any help would be greatlt appreciated

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